I went looking again for a meme that’s been going around since last two years ago, the one that starts Dear Democrats, Independents… you know the one, that talks about the PLAIN FACT that the Democratic nominee for POTUS next year will NOT BE PERFECT…
and along with those I found several that basically attacked the idea that Democrats, Independents, Progressives and [gasp!] Liberals need to support the Democratic nominee [when we have one].
They range from quietly refusing to give their support to attacking to pretty much having meltdowns indicating that once again they [the people sending these highly negative memes] WILL NOT VOTE next year UNLESS the nominee is politically pure enough for them and is not any kind of centrist, with any kind of base amongst the INDEPENDENT voters of this country who, with one exception [2016] have elected our Presidents for over 60 years.
They [these memes] say things such as
Dear Establishment Democrats: If you run a corrupt, warmongering, corporate candidate again in 2020, then you obviously haven’t learned the lesson of 2016 which is:  [their caps, not mine]
YOU CAN EITHER RUN CANDIDATES WORTHY OF OUR VOTES OR KEEP LOSING ELECTIONS. It’s not our job to support your candidate. It’s your candidate’s job to support us.
Dear Democrats in 2020 you will nominate a candidate to run against Trump.
If this person
1 has sold out to corporations
2 Supports the US war machine
3 Won’t enact progressive policies
Progressives and Independents WILL NOT vote for them. Please get over that now, before trying to shame us into voting for your corporate candidate.
Dear Liberals and Independents
The unDemocratic Party USA says
In 2020 there will be a candidate competing against Trump. It is very likely this candidate
1 will steal the nomination like Hillary did
2 is a corporate neoliberal hack aka ‘centrist’
3 is a proven criminal like HRC is
4 makes you sick just listening to their lies
5 Doesn’t represent you, your ideas, your concerns, or your best interests in any way, shape or form.
6 is a rabid, warmongering neocon like HRC
… get over it, in other words, be a Republican and stfu
See what I mean?
Their reasons?
The Democratic Party is ‘the source of all evil and corruption in this country and the rest of the world. The Democratic Party cannot be trusted to support progressive ideas and policies bc they’re ‘corporatists’. The Democratic Party is identical to the Republican Party in this country. IDENTICAL, REALLY? Saying these two parties are IDENTICAL is what got us GW Bush, Cheyney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld running this country right into a war with Iraq bc the Iraquis dissed GW’s Daddy. [yes, I just watched ‘Vice’ last night].

But hey, if the Justice Democrats PAC and THEIR secret Wall Street backers want to hand Orangeface, McConnell, Graham, Kavanaugh, Grassley, Collins, Gorsuch, Hatch, Pence, Pompeo, and Putin four more years to destroy this country at least they’ll keep their political PURITY intact, right? I can’t post this. I want to, but I can’t. And it makes me furious and it makes me feel a priori censored

And it makes me wonder if some of these Justice Democrats and their Libertarian, Green Party, bot and troll pals think we will still HAVE A COUNTRY in another four years if people who have registered as Democrats or Independents refuse to vote for the Democratic nominee for POTUS, bc that person doesn’t meet THEIR LITMUS TEST PURITY STANDARDS! SIGH.


what’s on my mind today is the latest of many attempts by trolls and bots to divide Independent, Progressive, Liberal Democrats at this early stage of the 2020 campaigns. They don’t have a Democratic Party nominee to attack yet [and won’t till next spring or summer] so they are going after the current Democratic Party leaders, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and of course, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

If we don’t trust our leaders, folks, we really are lost and that’s what the bots and the trolls and their employers WANT

What else do they want? look around: An imploding environmental crisis, rampant, violent racism and sexism, and phobias, BABIES IN CAGES. babies dying in cages. rampant governmental corruption, truly rapacious greed, and cruelty, especially cruelty it seems to me, seniors and other marginalized populations forced to choose between eating or having the medicines they need, between having a roof over their heads or eating, the alienation of our long-time allies, the deliberate racist attacks on everything our 44th President accomplished, schools, roads, bridges and overpasses crumbling for lack of care, BABIES IN CAGES. Women’s rights threatened or demolished. Bipartisanship trashed. Extremism welcomed. BABIES IN CAGES. get the picture?

And what would be ludicrous about this if we hadn’t seen it and seen it work before – like three years ago – is these bots and trolls are fraudulently claiming to be progressives or independents or Dems [oh, no not liberals, never Liberals that’s still a dirty word in some people’s minds] and bitching and whining about the Democratic leadership. Sigh. Groan.

And when they’re not tearing down our present leadership with fake claims and fake videos and fake expertise, they go after one candidate or another who is running for the Democratic nomination. SIGH. GROAN.

They will trash anyone in that crowded field anytime but ESPECIALLY any of them who are polling ahead of the others, and omg polling ahead of the disaster presently squatting in the WH.

So every week it’s different, trashing Mayor Pete, trashing Elizabeth Warren, trashing Kamala Harris, trashing Bernie Sanders, trashing fill in the blank and of course coming back time and time again to trash former Vice President Biden. GROAN. SIGH. No, I’m not talking about normal, usual, traditional Democratic Party vetting. I’m talking about attacks on any of these candidates and any of the others who come up out of the crowd for a nano-second. I’m talking about attacking Democratic candidates for the nomination for remarks and attitudes they had 30 years ago. I’m talking about articles which insist that fill in the blank’s supporters won’t vote for Harris, Warren, Booker, or Mayor Pete, and not for fill in the blank this week, if they become the nominee bc, they’re not white, they’re too young, they’re too homosexual, they’re too old, they’re not black enough, they’re not popular or likable enough, they’re not fill in the blank enough, especially they’re not POLITICALLY PURE ENOUGH.

Here’s a heads-up for Dems and Independents, Progressives and omg Liberals like myself – there is not and there NEVER HAS BEEN at any time in human history such a thing as POLITICAL PURITY. NEVER, EVER, NEVER. the two concepts, politics and purity don’t come together. They may approach each other at times, but they don’t fit in the same box, ever.

POLITICS, my friends and my maybe not so much friends, IS THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE.
BIPARTISANSHIP IS A GOOD THING, not the spawn of the Devil. Working across the aisle to get something accomplished that the country actually needs and wants is not a crime or a mortal sin or anything of the kind.

And one more thing: you knew there was gonna be one more thing, right? Over the past three years, we have all witnessed what happens when gerrymandering, voting machine infractions, and other types of voter suppression, not to mention the work of bots and trolls and hostile foreign entities take a more active part in our elections than ordinary voters. we have all witnessed over the past two years what can happen when either we go on playing the blame game,

or we work together to elect Democrats, Progressives, Independents, omg Feminists and gasp Liberals across the country. And in my naivete, I still believe we can win our country back again, if we pay attention to what’s real and ignore the ‘noise’ created by hostile internal entities. –

And I believe we STILL have a country to win back, which may not be the case in another four years.

disputing amongst each other is NOT the problem – voter suppression, fraudulent hostile actions by corrupt parties, outright lies, and suppositions – are among the problems-

they WANT us to be inescapably divided, get it? When we accept their reports and articles and doom and gloom and whining and bitching, we are doing what the owners of all those bots and trolls want us to be doing, between now and November 3rd next year, 24/7 if at all possible.

if you went ahead and read this through, thanks, much thanks. And keep your eyes and your ears and your minds open, 24/7 Don’t feed the fears.


The Magical Battle for America 10.28.18



On this date in 1886, President Grover Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty as a gift from the people of France on what is now known as Liberty Island in New York Harbor.  The 151-foot statue, designated as a national monument in 1924 and restored for its centennial in 1986, serves as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

Congress authorized the placement of the venture in 1877.  William Tecumseh Sherman, a Civil War hero, chose the site in keeping with the wishes of the sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who consulted Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower, to deal with the complex structural issues.

An agreement stipulated that Americans were to fund the 154-foot granite pedestal and foundation while the French would take responsibility for the statue itself.  However, money problems on both sides of the Atlantic delayed the project.  In France, a lottery helped raise funds, while…

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Why Women Don’t Report


Christine Blasey Ford testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Yesterday, a clearly terrified Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified powerfully before the Judiciary Committee, providing highly credible and detailed evidence as to why Brett Kavanaugh should NOT be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Brett, in turn, raged and whined and cried and pouted during what was, let me remind you, a JOB INTERVIEW, not a criminal trial. Although he clearly believes himself to be entitled to a seat on the highest court in the land, he is, most assuredly, not. And, in fact, if this interview doesn’t turn out the way he wants, he’s not going to jail. He’s going back to serving on the DC Circuit Court. He’ll go back to his life as a rich, powerful, privileged, entitled white man who ONE TIME in his life actually had to face some consequences for his actions.

Were those consequences uprooting his entire life, moving across the country, and having…

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What Happened and Why I didn’t report it.


It was in April, around the 19th, that I’m sure of. And it was after the Loma Prieta/World Series Earthquake. So it was likely in 91 when we’d been together, my partner/now my spouse, and I were together for 12 years that summer.

I suppose it began a few months before, and this is another reason I’ve never reported this and hardly spoken to anyone about it.  

A man whose last name I cannot remember, whose first name was John, met my partner through some pagan friends. He said he was pagan, a Wiccan, like we were, in fact. He said a lot about himself, especially whenever someone mentioned something that had happened to them, or that was going on with them, or some medical condition they had, John would jump into the conversation and basically say that happened or was going on with him. It didn’t seem to matter what the event or condition was, he staked a claim to it.

It was almost funny, because in this way he claimed to be diabetic, as some of our friends were, to be losing his hearing, as some of our friends were, to have been abused as a child, to having alcoholic parents, to have seizures as some of our friends had, and a laundry list of other problems and troubles. The one thing John couldn’t stake a claim to was he hadn’t and he never could become pregnant. And that was probably a good thing because as I recall, John was surprisingly promiscuous considering this was when the HIV epidemic was still taking many lives.

John did get at least one woman I knew pregnant. At least that’s the way guys talked back then: HE got her pregnant, or she was carrying HIS baby and so forth and so on really kind of medieval when you think about it. That was another point in this matter: John said he was a Wiccan, and to me and most of my friends that usually meant a level of respect for the Feminine Principle as some called it, or for the Divine Feminine, and by association, for mortal women, especially when those mortal women were Wiccans. He couldn’t fake that, and he tried. He had zero respect for women and if nothing else had happened I would have known that because as noted above he ‘played around’ while having a live-in ‘girlfriend’.

He also claimed he’d been divorced, as some of our friends had been. He claimed he wore soft shoes; TOMs I guess because of those seizures. He claimed he was always broke, too. And that I believe because he was always sponging off the rest of us, those who believed he was a friend just going through a tough time. He ate what other people paid for, fast food, regular meals, you name it, John would eat it and never gained a pound, either.

Which reminds me: John also claimed to be constantly, very attracted to what we were called ‘women of substance’ in those days. Heavy women, was another older term, and nowadays we’re just fat. And nowadays we’re not sitting back and taking body shaming, either.

If you’re getting the idea that John was a chronic user and a pathological liar, you’re right on point now.

So, to get closer to the whole point here:  For several months prior to that April evening, I was ‘necking’ with John, indulging in foreplay and nothing further, on several occasions. I was frankly curious and stupid. I was astonishingly inexperienced when you consider that I was forty that year. So, that happened, how many times I can’t now remember.

But that’s one of my biggest reasons for not reporting what happened in April. How could I tell anyone, including cops or lawyers or court officials that there had been this activity going on and that it never once went past foreplay? Why would they believe that? Why would they believe I did NOT want any more of that after a certain point and had NEVER wanted anything else or anything more from him? Why should they?

So, one evening in April I needed to go to the grocery. So he gave me a ride there and back. I should have walked, I know. And we got back and the first thing I wanted was a soda, and for some reason, the soda I’d bought was in the larger bottles and so got poured into glasses, one for me, one for him. No big, right?

 Well, I was sitting and then I got tired and laid back on the daybed we used for a sofa at that time. And John was all about how he wanted to ‘sleep with me’. And I would have said no, nope, get the hell out of here, except, I was too groggy and couldn’t move very well and was slurring my speech. And he said he really needed or wanted [no don’t remember everything] to have sex. And I was not with the program, at all. And he was joking, I thought because he knew I was a lesbian with a partner of nearly 12 years by then.

But he wasn’t joking and he started working at my pants, jeans, I think, so it took longer than plain stretch pants. And I was feeling drunk, although as far as I knew I’d had nothing but half a glass of soda. So I didn’t know what to think, and couldn’t think that clearly and I’m pretty sure I still thought he was joking. So I joked back and this is another of the BIG reasons I have never reported this:  I joked back and said, well, if you are really going to do ‘that’, you need to put on a ‘raincoat’… meaning a condom.  

And he might have done that, I have no idea. I have no idea what he did except that before I knew it he was on top of me and had my pants off and was pushing into me. And what I will NEVER forget is that ‘it’ felt like a frozen carrot being shoved into me. And that I couldn’t move at all. And that I could hardly talk or think clearly at all by that point.  

And as a final blow, as it were, he left a condom, a used condom on the table next to the daybed. Probably one of the grossest things I’d ever seen at that point. And I threw it away before anyone else could see it. And that’s destroying evidence. Yeah, I kinda know that. 

When my partner came in and we began to talk, she was the one who realized he must have doped me. Ruffies they were called then, were drugs men used to dope a woman’s drink so they could rape her and she wouldn’t entirely remember. It was quite a thing then and only then beginning to be seen as wrong, at least by women and some law enforcement people.  

Well, I thought for about three minutes about calling the cops. I started and then realized I wouldn’t make a very credible witness. And it was the next morning and I had no evidence to give them. So I hung up. And we changed the locks on the doors to the house we lived in, my partner and I without any other housemates at that time.

And here are the two count ‘em two kickers: 

 First, when he found out he couldn’t get into the house anymore, John called and asked why we did that. And I told him why and he denied it, of course, he denied it.

And then we called the woman he was living with and she didn’t believe he did that. And that was almost funny because a lot of people knew he played around, a lot.

All this happened in April 1991, so that was 27 years ago, 27 and a half years ago. And I’ve never told all of this to anyone. And I never reported it. And that’s what happened and that’s why I never reported it.   #believe survivors 










Apple Bread

ravenhawks' magazine

This is a favorite bread I enjoy this time of year. In celebration of the 2nd harvest, this bread takes advantage of the varieties of apples available at the farmers market as well as oats that would have been harvested during the grain harvest. I like walnuts and I have sprinkled them on the top instead of embedding as the recipe calls for. This is a choice you can make when putting it in the oven. The other choices that will change the flavor a bit are creating a streusel nut topping.

Apple Bread

3-4 shredded apples, with peels
2 eggs
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup sugar or 1/4 cup honey
1/2 teaspoon each salt, cinnamon, baking powder, and baking soda
1 handful chopped walnuts (reserve some for topping)
1/2 handful raisins
2 cups flour
2 handfuls (palmfuls) oats

Mix apples and all ingredients except flour…

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The Magical Battle for America 9.9.18



Now’s probably a good time to remind everyone to check/refresh the wards on your home or wherever you do this work.  Be sure that you’re rested, grounded, and in a comfortable position.  Maybe wrap up in a blanket or cloak and grasp a stone or talisman that matters to you.  Grow your roots, send them deep into the soil, let them intertwine and grow small hairs to attach to the mycelia in your own landbase.


Anchor yourself firmly to your landbase.  Notice a small detail that will call you back when this working is finished.

Ground and center.  Cast a circle.


As you move to our American plain on the astral plane, you can see again the safe hillock where you do your work.  You can see the five giant banners, shining in the sky: Walden Pond, the Underground Railroad, the Cowboy, the Salmon, and Lady Liberty.  Do…

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