Yes, All Women.

more stars than in the heavens

As you’ve probably heard, a 22-year-old manshot and killed six people in Santa Barbara. It was, according to a YouTube post and a 140-page manifesto, “retribution” against all the women he’d never been able to fuck. His own parents were concerned about him, and had called the police at the end of April; but they were so impressed by how polite he seemed that they ignored the parents’ call for help. Elliot Rodger, who was planning to go on a rampage, smiled and told the police it was all a misunderstanding. The police left. Less than a month later, he killed six people, and then himself.

Initial reports of the shootings painted Rodger as a lonely, mentally ill, unfathomable young man – despite the fact that his manifesto included passages like the following:

All of those beautiful girls I’ve desired so much in my life, but can never have…

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