Irish Stew

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wholesome! wholesome!

It seems odd that I haven’t posted an Irish Stew recipe yet. When I was little it was in Mum’s weekly meal rotation and one of the few things I ate without complaining.

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Abed Mahfouz Spring Summer 2012 Haute Couture Collection

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Abed Mahfouz was brought up in a family working as tailors, so, it was normal to help them in sewing and to love the fashion industry.  His gowns are of special taste of cal elegance yet with eye-catching details. The dresses can be wearable to the Arab and the rest of the world women for their great and professional accessibility. Bridal dresses are made of smooth fabrics that have a shiny effect over the body. At the same time, the designer’s main philosophy is to show the bride as a princess shinning in her garment.

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Statement From The Family Of Michael Brown & Their Attorneys.

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Statement from the Family of Michael Brown & Their Attorneys

“Michael Brown’s family is beyond outraged at the devious way the police chief has chosen to disseminate piece mil information in a manner intended to assassinate the character of their son, following such a brutal assassination of his person in broad daylight.

There is nothing based on the facts that have been placed before us that can justify the execution style murder of their child by this police officer as he held his hands up, which is the universal sign of surrender.

The prolonged release of the officer’s name and then the subsequent alleged information regarding a robbery is the reason why the family and the local community have such distrust for the local law enforcement agencies.

It is no way transparent to release the still photographs alleged to be Michael Brown and refuse to release the photographs of…

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America The NOT SO Beautiful

August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

So it turns out liberals love the constitution much more than conservatives. You see if not for us “Libtards” there would be more bodies lying dead in Ferguson, Missouri. One dead boy is certainly too many. One boy who isn’t able to see how certain parts (liberal) of the country are rallying to see justice served. There would be more Mike Brown’s in Ferguson if not for the liberals in Missouri and around the country, on Facebook and Twitter demanding an end to the militarized police in the streets of Ferguson.

Funny how we haven’t seen those “conservatives” who bitch and moan about upholding the Constitution, hell they even have a “Constitution Party” yet where were they when police were pointing military assault weapons at peaceful, unarmed kids in the streets? Where were they when police were knocking down cameras and arresting journalists? Putting…

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Red Potato and Sweet Pepper Salad

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Red Potato and Sweet Pepper  SaladA potato salad, though it is named, is generally a side dish as it accompanies the main course. The dish comes in many variations, and is found in different parts of the world, such as, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Holland, Italy, Germany, Romania, Syria, France, and the United States.

The potato salad is often served along side barbecued food, roasts, hot dogs, fried chicken, hamburgers and cold sandwiches.  No matter how the potato salad is made, it is considered a casual fare dish, as it is part of the menu at picnics, potlucks and other casual meals and events. It is even found in delicatessens and food bars.

It is easily made in large quantities, therefore popular among restaurant cooks and chefs, as it can be prepared in advance and refrigerated until needed, and requires ingredients that are inexpensive.

It is written that Arnold Shircliffe, executive chef of Chicago’s legendary Edgewater Beach…

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