America The NOT SO Beautiful

August 15, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

So it turns out liberals love the constitution much more than conservatives. You see if not for us “Libtards” there would be more bodies lying dead in Ferguson, Missouri. One dead boy is certainly too many. One boy who isn’t able to see how certain parts (liberal) of the country are rallying to see justice served. There would be more Mike Brown’s in Ferguson if not for the liberals in Missouri and around the country, on Facebook and Twitter demanding an end to the militarized police in the streets of Ferguson.

Funny how we haven’t seen those “conservatives” who bitch and moan about upholding the Constitution, hell they even have a “Constitution Party” yet where were they when police were pointing military assault weapons at peaceful, unarmed kids in the streets? Where were they when police were knocking down cameras and arresting journalists? Putting…

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