An Unpresidented Time


I have been angry and frightened for over 2 months now. This ‘election’ was clearly no such thing as far as any and I mean any other American Presidential election can be compared. I will never, ever refer to the man with the orange face as President. He is not my President. He is not our President. He was not elected, he was bought and paid for through his debts to Russia and his innumerable frauds. This is not my country but I will fight with all I have and all I know for my country to live and thrive once again, hopefully still in my lifetime. I say hopefully because I’m 65 and by statistics and Scripture both, I don’t have even 20 years left. Sigh.

Today, December 19th, 2016, the 2016 American Presidential Election has been officially stolen. We knew it was stolen on November 9th, 2016 when it was apparent in a matter of hours that the winner of the popular vote for President was Hillary Rodham Clinton, despite surprising losses in several swing states. We knew and we have known ever since then that her opponent, the Republican party’s nominee was correct in saying the election was rigged. He simply neglected to say that it had been rigged for months in HIS favor.

Now that opponent, to whom I will rarely if ever refer to by name and whom I will never refer to as President of the United States, will be inaugurated. Now his cabinet choices will unless the slim majority the Republicans have in the Senate works against him, will take power along with him. Those choices alone appear to be a collection of men who despise and will work to destroy the governmental departments they will ‘lead’.  What is more and worse, the election was stolen by the admitted interference of a foreign power which has been inimical to the United States, to NATO, and to most of Europe during the entirety of its current regime.

I am saddened and I am sickened and I am angered by this travesty of an ‘election’.  I am not the only American who sees their country in mortal danger of being destroyed by these unelected enemies of our people and of our republic. I am not the only American who will fight with whatever comes to hand to protest, to debate, to question, to quarrel and to interfere with the blind, rapacious, egregious racism, sexism, prideful ignorance, misogyny, and blatant fascism of this unelected regime.

As my starting point, I will speak up here and elsewhere against this non-election. I will refuse to accept, to acknowledge or to respect this regime any more than this regime and its goose-stepping followers have accepted, acknowledged or respected our current President, Barack Obama or his eight years of work for the betterment of this country. I will not even once refer to the unelected leader of this regime as President of the United States. I will not even once refer to his cronies as Cabinet Officers. I will not accept, give in, move on, or otherwise in any way support this regime. I will not refer to it as a Presidential administration. I would be lying as egregiously as the members of this regime and their foreign masters lie if I offered them any such acknowledgement.

Also, I will not accept or take part in the blame game people have been enjoying the last two and a half months in this country. I know, as well as the rest of the country knows who won the popular vote for the Presidency. I will therefore not accept or contribute to the idea that the Democratic nominee lost and the Republican nominee won this election. There was no real election for one thing; and for another, what election took place was stolen, rigged and fubarred in all directions by enemies of this country. This ‘election’ was NOT lost because of big media’s fondness for ratings. This election was not lost because of progressive demands on the so called establishment. This election was not lost to a populist movement on the right. This election was not lost. The Democratic nominee WON this election. Only it had already been stolen.  I will never be heard to say differently, nor to cast blame where it does NOT belong, on the Democratic party or its leaders. By something like 3 million votes, we Democrats WON this election, only it was stolen already.

Lastly, I will do all I can in all ways I can to defend and protect those their greed and fear and prejudice and hatred target. I don’t have to guess about this one, I’m in one of their box-cars myself already. I’m a lesbian married to her partner of 37 years. I’m a LIBERAL by G-d dyed in the wool from my grandfather’s knee. I’m a flagrant supporter of social justice, ecumenism, feminism, gay rights, social equality, pluralism and a lot of other nasty Liberal ideals. That’s not going to change.


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