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I am going to break one of my cardinal rules which is that talking about poems is a dumb thing to do.

First, I’ll say that this poem often wars in my attention with the Mary Oliver poem that I posted last week as “best poem for Litha,” but that I always wind up thinking that it’s more a poem about mysticism than about summer.

Second, I’ll say that most people love this poem for its closing lines:  “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/with your one wild and precious* life?” and those are brilliant lines and I sometimes use them to turn my life around and head it back towards my own true North.  But those are not the lines that make me love this poem.  The lines that make me love this poem are the ones that first explained to me that (like the man surprised…

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The Magical Battle for America 6.24.17


Wow.  Trump has been president for six months and we’ve been resisting him for longer than that.

It’s completely understandable if you’re tired; I think we all are.  It’s easy to get discouraged; I think we all get discouraged when we pay attention to what this administration is doing.  But this was never going to be easy.

In many ways, our fight is simply one more battle in the long-running war for the American soul.  America is both drenched in the original sins of genocide, slavery, rape of the land, and Patriarchy and bathed in the bright light of democracy, the principle of equal justice under law, the search for unity, and the arc of the moral universe, ever bending towards freedom.  Our current civil cold war is, in many ways, simply a continuation of the hotter civil war that was supposed to have ended at Appomattox Court House on…

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Bernie, Trump, and the White Guys

bearing left

By Lisbeth Freeman

This Presidential campaign season has been nothing if not revealing.  Revealing of the anger of our people.  Revealing of the enduring nature of our -isms: racism, sexism, heterosexim, xenophobia, isolationism, . . ..  Revealing of our attraction to simplistic solutions to intrenchable problems.  Of course, those of us who consider ourselves liberals, lefties, even moderates can easily point to those on the Right as being the source of those societal ills.  But perhaps the most revealing aspect of this campaign season is the strength of sexism and racism in both political extremes.

Trying to parse the dynamics of demographic trends is difficult, perhaps impossible, work.  But we can see certain dynamics rise above the fray, and those trends require further examination.  Here, in this political season, that dynamic is the predominance of white males in both extreme camps – the followers of Donald Trump and Senator Bernie…

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The Magical Battle for America 6.10.17



Yesterday, I took G/Son to see the WonderWoman movie.  Before the movie started, we got, of course, about 15 minutes of previews.  One of the previews was for Dunkirk, a movie with the motto:  “When 400,000 men couldn’t get home, home came for them.”  The movie tells the story of how, when German military maneuvers left British and French troops, stranded on the northern coast of France, England mobilized an evacuation force that included many small fishing and pleasure boats.  There were serious losses, but Dunkirk is remembered mainly for the rescues.  Wikipedia notes that: “The last of the British Army left on 3 June, and at 10:50, Tennant signalled Ramsay to say ‘Operation completed. Returning to Dover.’  However, Churchill insisted on coming back for the French, so the Royal Navy returned on 4 June in an attempt to rescue as many as possible of the French rearguard. Over 26,000…

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Mars in Cancer- 2017

Mars moves into Cancer today. I happen to have my natal Mars in Cancer in my first house, so I definitely know how emotionally powerful this transit will be. This transit will be about feeling safe in your feelings. Cancer’s sanctuary lies within, while Mars domain is the real world. We will come to understand that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The above photo is from the film ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ which follows the story of 3 orphans who have to stick together in situations that constantly threaten to tear them apart. There’s a great quote in the film that says ‘As long as we have each other, we have a home.’ The need to keep their family unit together (Cancer) became the orphans motivation to survive (Mars).

When Mars threatens to break open Cancer’s shell remember that as long as you have…

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“The Right’s Ayn Rand Hypocrisy”

Karmic Reaction Blog

By Elizabeth Stoker, Salon
March 2, 2014

“Conservatives booted atheists from CPAC, but love a raging anti-Christian. The reason has to do with economic greed.

Earlier this week, CNN reported that American Atheists, an advocacy group for atheists and atheism, would have a booth at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. The idea behind the booth was to build bridges between historically faith-motivated conservatives and their politically aligned but religiously different atheist counterparts. David Silverman, the president of American Atheists, called the booth “one of many steps” his organization would take in its “outreach effort” targeted at political conservatives.

But the Atheists’ attempt to extend an olive branch was evidently ill-received by the organizers of the CPAC, who have now disallowed the group from sponsoring its planned informational booth. Apparently most conservatives weren’t amused by Silverman’s comments to CNN concerning the Christian right: ““I am not worried about making the…

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