Bernie, Trump, and the White Guys

bearing left

By Lisbeth Freeman

This Presidential campaign season has been nothing if not revealing.  Revealing of the anger of our people.  Revealing of the enduring nature of our -isms: racism, sexism, heterosexim, xenophobia, isolationism, . . ..  Revealing of our attraction to simplistic solutions to intrenchable problems.  Of course, those of us who consider ourselves liberals, lefties, even moderates can easily point to those on the Right as being the source of those societal ills.  But perhaps the most revealing aspect of this campaign season is the strength of sexism and racism in both political extremes.

Trying to parse the dynamics of demographic trends is difficult, perhaps impossible, work.  But we can see certain dynamics rise above the fray, and those trends require further examination.  Here, in this political season, that dynamic is the predominance of white males in both extreme camps – the followers of Donald Trump and Senator Bernie…

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