Miami Township, Ohio

Bio: I am a 66-year-old writer, poet, rabbit's spouse, cook, crocheter, cat-herdee, and rabbit-care-provider and yes, said two-legged rabbit has rhythm, and a Ph.D. in nutrition. I'm also a history buff and a college graduate, both grandmothers were second-generation Irish immigrants, surnames Troy and Mahoney, one grandfather's family came from Munich to northern Kentucky, one from Strasbourg, in Alsace Lorraine to central Ohio, surnames Schaefers and Sacksteder. Raised Roman Catholic, long since seeking and following paths of Reform Judaism, Liberal Catholicism, Artemisian paganism/Wicca​ with a glance or two at Islam. I am a dyed in the wool liberal, feminist and Democrat, a lover of horses, rivers, waterfalls, owls, westerns, dramas, poetry, musicals, quotes, soaps, crocheting afghans, rabbits, cats, frogs, sea turtles, dogs, orcas, hawks, golden eagles... oh yes, and reading and writing etc. I began writing at age 10, on an old metal typewriter that had been my maternal grandmothers, and never looked back.

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