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Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened? is due to be released September 12th, but some passages have already leaked.  One, in particular, has gotten a lot of press.  You can read it above.  Headlines such as “Clinton Blasts Sanders” make it sound as if she says terrible things about him.  Of course, any time a woman says anything less than adulatory about a man, she’s being a shrew and a bitch, she’s castrating him, she’s “blasting” him.  But look at what Clinton really says.

  1.  She and Bernie Sanders agreed on so much.
  2. Sanders shared her horror at Trump becoming President.
  3. She appreciated Sanders’ campaigning for her in the general election.
  4. Sanders was correct that Democrats needed to strengthen their emphasis on working families.
  5. Sanders was correct that, due to our insane campaign finance system, there’s always a danger of spending too much time courting donors.
  6. Sanders engaged a lot of young…

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Campaign 2016 Milestones

Here’s what I have to say about this:  There’s a big push by the Bernie Bros to get Democrats to abandon closed primaries (primaries in which, to select the Democratic nominee you have to be registered as a Democrat; I know, shocking) and to adopt caucuses, as opposed to primaries, wherever possible.  Both are bad ideas.

First, closed primaries. I live in a very blue area.  Our county commissioners, etc. should be very progressive and the Democrats here would gladly vote for a very progressive slate.  But we have open primaries.  The Republicans who live here (a distinct minority of overall voters but a larger percentage of those who vote in primaries and that’s a story for another day) show up and vote in the open primary for the most conservative candidate.  Then, in the general election, the person selected in the Democratic primary wins, getting more votes than the…

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Spiritblogger's Blog

By February, most of us are tired of the cold, snowy season. Imbolc reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we only have a few more weeks of winter to go. The sun gets a little brighter, the earth gets a little warmer, and we552996_437260819678953_875035806_n know that life is quickening within the soil. There are a number of different ways to celebrate this Sabbat.

Rituals and Ceremonies
Depending on your particular tradition, there are many different ways you can celebrate Imbolc. Some people focus on the Celtic goddess Brighid, in her many aspects as a deity of fire and fertility. Others aim their rituals more towards the cycles of the season, and agricultural markers. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying. Imbolc is a time of celebration and ritual, often honoring Brighid, the goddess of the hearth. This is also…

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One very good thing happened this week and it was easy to overlook in between all of the madness.  Stephen Bannon, one of the most evil people in the Trump administration, has been ejected from the White House.

You’ll hear people say this doesn’t matter, that he’ll do as much damage outside as in, but I disagree.

The White House has become, over decades and decades, full of the kind of power and energy that evil magic workers long to access.  I believe that Bannon is one of those people (just as Dion Fortune believed that Hitler was using evil occultists, or perhaps vice versa) and having him out of the White House is, in my opinion, one of the best things that’s happened since the mis-Inauguration.

You’ll also hear people say that we still have a very long way to go, that there are still many people in government…

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New NY 23rd

This letter was written by Lee Marcus from Arkport. You can read more of Lee’s writing at “Lee Marcus, writer and activist” Facebook page.

Hillary-ClintonDear Hillary,

For just over six months our country has suffered the humiliation of Donald Trump as our president. We have acquiesced under the supposition that the 2016 electoral college result was legitimate, at least until proven otherwise. For me, this has felt like a huge vehicular accident I can’t look away from, but desperately need to just stop; only, every morning I wake up and it’s still going on—the screeching tires, crashing metal, blood everywhere. I, for one, am bone tired. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about the many places in the world where I imagine I could live and try to forget.

But I’d have an awful lot to forget: my great uncle Meryll Wilcox, and my uncle…

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This is a prayer for Lughnasadh.  This is a prayer for the Resistance.  Lughnasadh is a fire festival, the first harvest, the beginning of our look towards the dark.  Lughnasadh is the time of plenty, the time to gather in, the time to store what we have.  Lughnasadh is a prayer for the Resistance.

This is a prayer for hopeful people who plant saved seeds in the chilly ground, in the February dark, charging the seeds and calling Ceres — people who want a clean harvest.  This is a prayer for the Resistance.

This is a prayer for mothers bearing children, poets birthing poems, engineers who see how to strengthen a bridge.  This is a prayer for the Resistance.

Lughnasadh is a fire festival, the first harvest, the beginning of our look towards the dark.  Lughnasadh is the time of plenty, the time to gather in, the time to store…

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The Pagan Beanstalk

written by Týra Alrune Sahsnotasvriunt

(Mohammed and his followers went on a rampage to destroy every trace of Paganism in Arabia, but at least a few survived! A relief of AlLat, 100 AD)

Muslims call the time pre islam “jahiliyyah” – age of ignorance. In turn what muslims are ignorant of is that the Allah/Al-ilah they worship is but an ancient Pagan deity. 

Most of what we know of Arabian polytheism is from scanty reliefs and stone inscriptions and from Ibn al-Kalbi’s “Kitab al-asnam”, Book of Idols.

The name Allah is the personal name of the God of the moon. He was married to the Goddess of the sun and had three children with her, the “daughters of Allah”.
His daughters’ names were AlLat (“The Goddess”), Goddess of harvest, fertility, and love. Like her mother she was associated with the sun. She might be related to Greek Leto, mother of…

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